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10 years of R & D, 8 years of precipitation Independent research and development of the product iToilet intelligent pads won the majority of customers and the government's recognition and support, Won a number of national patents


Diversified, open up one hundred years of ITOILET's Blue Ocean Strategy ITOILET Creative"5i-life"Idea of life Create a century brand


Global200Multiple agent,every years1 billion 5 hundred millionusers Products are exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, South America and other countries


International organization-6billionThe toilet problem
World Toilet OrganizationIs a non-governmental organization, founded in 2001, by the Singapore toilet association, Japan Toilet Association, South Korea Clean Toilet Association, China Taiwan Toilet Association jointly founded, headquartered in singapore. World toilet organization dedicated to the global toilet culture, advocate clean, comfortable, healthy, there are 17 members. According to figures provided by the world toilet organization,Each person on the toilet about 3 to 5 times a day, about 2000 times a year, About two years of human life is spent in the toilet. The toilet is really a matter of everyone in life, Set up a professional R & D and production of smart and cleaning pad (iToilet) mechanism and an international organization to toilet problem research of 60 million people. It is not a move.


Improve the world 40% unused toilet status

The World Toilet Organization hope through their efforts can improve accounted for 40% of the world of those who had never used a flush toilet of the human health. Since the 2001 World Toilet Organization in Singapore held the first Toilet Summit, has been difficult to ascend the repeating toilet problem finally Attention all over the world. Bend - Maheshwar pathak et al. Health experts exchange to achieve the millennium development goals' to provide clean for everyone Net health facilities' experience ', the meeting also discussed the cost and environmental protection of the new technology.
According to "people's Daily" reported: "the World Toilet Summit statistics, the world every year because of the toilet is not health, infectious diseases caused by the 2 million people to take life. "Shocking! Dermatology experts and clinical orthopedic experts because of the toilet seat is not clean, with skin disease and venereal diseases, gynecological diseases, And because the squat toilet and fell on the slide falls are too many to count. Because these problems lead to an endless stream of disputes...... A lot of people on the job for a long time away, never dare to close contact with the toilet seat".
Xiamen ITOILET Environment Technology Co.,Ltd.As a professional commitment to research and development, production and sales of health fashion, health and environmental protection of new sanitary products enterprises. Back in the early days of its establishment, based on solving the public toilet hygiene and the energy saving and emission reduction and development of'iToilet'smart card and cleaning pad (automatically change the toilet cover), the utility model patent products, automatic switching will clean, and automatic recovery destroyed, visible health, health experts in the real, distinct personality design (one toilet, convenient no longer "shares" sorrow) and the concept of environmental protection, fully in line with the World Toilet Organization and scientific development view of the ideas and requirements of energy saving and emission reduction.

iToiletIntelligent sanitary padCame out, and greatly improves the toilet situation. "IToilet" brand smart and clean mats (automatically change the toilet cover), the emphasis is to thoroughly solve the problem of cushion health, before gently press, disposable cushion for automatically switching, simple and quick. More applicable to hotels, hospitals, clubs, beauty, airport terminals, office buildings and other public places and the family living room bathroom toilet facilities. For public use, the effect is obvious, significant:
1) humanistic care: help embodies the humanized service, improve service quality and customer satisfaction, effectively preventing the because toilet infectious diseases and squat step on the seat toilet to hurt in an accident, and brings to the enterprise economic disputes;
2) environmental protection and energy saving: reduce the consumption of toilet paper, sanitary water, detergent and disinfectant, extend the service life of the toilet, improve work efficiency, save the cost of the toilet;
3)Harmonious Civilization: effectively improve people "toilet" in safety and health conditions and energy-saving emission reduction, to promote the comprehensive construction and development of mankind as a whole material civilization, spiritual civilization and civilized environment.


The United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, South America and other countries

At present, almost all of the toilet cover series of high-tech products, their main function is to wash, dry. Compared with the family, but almost ignored the cross infection between the various users of the problem, especially in public places, this problem is particularly serious. According to relevant departments for public health authority survey found that 32% of the toilet seat with Shigella dysenteriae, which called for "song" dysentery bacilli survive in the toilet seat up to 17 days; another experiment report also pointed out that will be 1 million polio virus into horse barrel, splash the virus to the seat cushion unexpectedly is 3000. Closestool cushion is easy adsorption, retention discharge pollutants, the possibility of spread of the disease is very large, so serious pollution of precisely where and skin contact the most "intimate", China's high population density, diseases spread indirectly lead to heightened risk of extension of the popular.

intelligence cleaning pad of the advent and greatly improves the toilet situation. Ai Tuorui (iToilet) intelligent then clean mat emphasize is to solve the problem of health cushion, before a slight press, disposable cushion for automatic switch, which is simple and fast, environmental protection and energy saving. More applicable to hotels, hospitals, clubs, beauty, airport terminals, office buildings and other public places and the family living room bathroom toilet facilities. Toilet condoms, health and environmental protection. A convenient toilet, no worries "stock"! The typical Chaoyang industry, the future trend, the market is huge, the prospect is infinite!
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